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Work Related Injuries

Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba pays 100% for care relating to workplace injuries.

We understand being injured at work can have physical, emotional and financial impacts. Knowing what injuries you have, your recovery time and having questions answered immediately helps. For someone who has never been involved in a workplace injury the task of reporting and understanding the process can be daunting. Our offices are here to help and our team is available immediately to help get you better.
Our team of Doctors are skilled at providing comprehensive focused physical exams that provide patients with a diagnosis of injury, their recovery plan and long term care. So if you have been injured at work and require care our team of doctors will ensure you are aware of your workplace limitations, how long it will take to get back to feeling normal and what you should tell your employer. We make it a point to ensure patients who are hurt at work know we will do our best to get them feeling better and help them navigate through the process.

Workplace injuries are common in any workplace type setting. Reporting workplace injuries in a correct manor will enable you to receive immediate care. It is important that if you have sustained a work injury you inform your employer.

Questions with regards to a work injury feel free to call and speak to one of our Doctors. Osborne Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Wellness (204) 475-9188 or Spine Steinbach Rehabilitation and Wellness at (204) 326-2005.

“Studies show that chiropractic care for work-related musculoskeletal conditions not only allows patients to return to work faster than standard medical treatment, but also provides substantial savings in overall health-care costs while reducing the risk of recurrence.”