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Dr. Chris Taggar was really thorough – the care and treatment went a few steps further than any other chiropractor I've visited in past. Really appreciated the thoughtful time and effort put in, highly recommended. Robbie R.

Had a stiff back since a month due to my gym workouts and physical training. Was taking anti inflammatory to subside the pain. But got recommended to Dr. Chris and now I am healing naturally under a great supervision. Mihir P.

Honestly, I didn’t believe in the efficacy of chiropractic care before seeing this centre. I’d had bad experiences and poor results. Once I started get treated by Dr Shameer - I’ve seen such incredible improvement in my health, a million thank yous wouldn’t suffice. BJ. C.

Dr Shameer and his team been very supportive throughout the time of my injuries. Great service and great experience. I didn't know much about chiropractor practice before but they were quick to get my x-rays and provide me enough knowledge on what's going on with my body and planned my recovery faster than usual. Highly recommended! Jaskirat S.

I had an accident a few years back and have suffered with chronic pain since. Thanks to Dr Sasha and the team at Osborne Chiropractic Office, I am able to sleep better and get back to exercising. I have lots of scar tissue but with regular maintenance , I can live pain free.
Dr Sasha care deeply about his patients. You can never go wrong with them. I have referred friends and family to them and they all have referred people as well. Jasmine M.

Was nervous about seeing a chiropractor and got sent to Dr. Chris Taggar. He immediately calmed my nerves and asked a lot of good questions to find an underlying problem I had been to the hospital twice for. He's so knowledgeable and friendly and had my health issues in check in only two visits. Highly recommend. Elle D.

Professional, friendly office. I've always been treated with lots of care and respect. Everybody's very friendly, from the front desk to all the doctors. Knowledgeable and experienced doctors. I highly recommend Dr. Taggar! Aleksandra S.

Receptionists are always friendly and helpful, I came in with chronic back and sciatic pain. Dr. Chris Taggar has been extremely knowledgable and has helped me greatly! Would highly recommend to anyone seeking relief. Mike C.

Dr. Taggar is very knowledgable and extremely friendly! The receptionists are very welcoming. Would highly recommend. Melanie T.

Dr. Shameer and his staff are some of the most knowledgeable and friendly people I have ever dealt with. I've been visiting them with various old and newer injuries from my rather intense training regiment for around 3 years now, and they've always been incredibly accommodating and helpful. On top of being extensively educated and experienced with how the human body works, Shameer will educate and inform his clients as much as he possibly can to help aid recovery and prevent repeat/future visits. I have referred numerous acquaintances to Shameer now, all of whom have graciously thanked me, and honestly if it weren't for Shameer's intelligence and persistence, I'm 100% certain I would be in a wheel chair right now also without the use of my dominant arm. Numerous times I have injured myself severely, ultimately landing me in some rather serious depression, but Shameer has always been there to comfort me and expedite my rehabilitation. I'll be 34 soon and I am happier than I've ever been and in by far the best shape of my life, and I cannot thank Dr. Shameer and his team enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Erik B.

I've been a client of Dr. Shameer for the past six years and I have nothing but great things to say about this clinic!
The front desk staff are courteous and friendly, and the doctors are very helpful...

Dr. Shameer Kamani is by far one of the most genuine, caring, and intelligent health care provider I've ever dealt with! He always listens to my concerns and provide me with great support.
I lead a physical demanding life and I often get banged up. I call Dr. Shameer "the mechanic" because he always "repairs" my body for me.
Sometimes life gets in the way which prevents me from visiting the office. Dr. Shameer often personally calls me to check up on me.

I've referred several of my friends to see him and they have been grateful for his ability to help them heal fast.
If you have been into a car collision, work accident, overworked at the gym, or even if you have slept wrong, Osborne Chiropractic Office is your destination on the path of recovery! Sal E.

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