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Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapists specialize in rehabilitating injuries sustained by all ages, with a focus on giving patients the ability to go back to their lifestyles. Regardless if it is trauma related or a chronic problem.

Our Athletic therapists have a diverse background of treating everything from surgery recovery, sports injury, kids with sports or muscular development issues to seniors recovering from joint surgery. All of our therapists focus on giving our patients the freedom to live a higher quality of life than they come to us with; usually a patient goal determined during the physical assessment. Our team of different specialists work hand in hand with an overall vitalistic view to craft a recovery individually catered to our patients needs.

Our Athletic therapists perform comprehensive examinations to evaluate and treat patients; they also have access to Digital X-rays taken by our team of Doctors if necessary.

Some of the techniques used in our treatment; but not limited to, as our therapists are always learning new techniques:
  • Acupuncture (pain management/chronic swelling/rehabilitation...)
  • Ultrasound/IFC/TENS · Trigger point therapy
  • Concussion rehabilitation with Digital x-rays
  • Postural correction with Doctors for long term correction
  • Athletic taping
  • Return to work programs with Doctors
  • Sports/Gym and Home rehabilitation programs
  • Educate how to use training equipment without injury