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Nerve Scan

Our computerized nerve scan technology consists of three non-invasive tests that are used to assess the function of your nerve system. A state of the art technology that eliminates the guess work in diagnosing and providing a solution for treatment. It helps us take an overall picture of your health during your physical exam.

The static EMG shows how the core muscles are adapting to underlying structural changes. An x-ray may show the spinal alignment, the static EMG shows the result of any spinal mis-alignment and the stress that puts on the muscular system just to hold us steady in an upright posture.

The Thermal Scan provides information about the part of nerve system responsible for the functional control of your gland and organ systems.

Heart Rate Variability shows the balance and activity of the Autonomic Nervous System along with heart rate, temperature and anxiety testing (GSR) while calculating your Adaptive Reserve to stress.